Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 8th

 Hanging at the cottage with the whole Barbeau Clan

Ben is thinking about learning how to play the Trombone so Max gave him a lesson

July 7th

Happy 40th Birthday Lori

Lee surprised her by having a toga party at a place in the market called "My Condo"

July 5th

Trip to Kingston

July 4th

Wet Dog

July 3rd

1000 Islands Boat Tour

July 2nd

Birthday Girl!  She was super excited because she could finally get Facebook

concert with Granddad

July 1st

Canada Day at the cottage

June 29th

Blanket Fort

June 28th

First and Last Day of school

Anniversary Flowers

June 26th

 School Talent show

Monday, June 3, 2013

August 22nd, 2012

Friday, April 5, 2013

June 25th again

Happy Birthday Granddad!

June 25th

Grade 7 band concert

June 24th

My son helping me at a photo shoot...the kids loved him

June 20th again

Soccer game

June 20th

Dance recital rehearsal

June 19th

Our last day of the head we are waiting for our last victim!  :)

June 17th

Father's Day

the kids made Paul and nice breakfast (looks like Buddy would like to have a taste of it :))

June 13th

My lovely assistant Trina for the Nelligan head shots

Thursday, February 21, 2013

June 11th

366-6-11 by epicurespicegirl

flowers in my garden

June 9th

366-6-9 by epicurespicegirl

We had an early Birthday Party for my daughter and her friends

June 8th

Paul helped organize a Relay for Life team.  The kids and I went to cheer them on for a bit.  Check out his shaved head...he said he would let them shave it if he was able to raise a certain amount of $

June 4th

366-6-4 by epicurespicegirl

Paul goofing off when I was doing head shots at his workplace

May 31st

366-5-31 by epicurespicegirl

buddy was being nosey when i was playing with my light

May 30th

366-5-30 by epicurespicegirl

testing out my new lighting set up

Thursday, January 17, 2013

May 29th

I bought myself a new lens and made the family pose for the lens and how it blurs the background!

May 28th

366-5-28 by epicurespicegirl

cutting grass to earn extra money to buy an iPod touch

May 26th

My daughter joined the Solar Car club this year.  They had a day of races against other schools...they didn't win but still had a great time.

Here's her team and one of the races they won