Monday, July 25, 2011

June 23rd

365-6-23 by epicurespicegirl

getting a pedicure with Mom

June 22nd

365-6-22 by epicurespicegirl

school project...can you guess what it is? :)

June 21st

365-6-21 by epicurespicegirl

the view out my window today. I felt like a Cougar looking at the view :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

June 19th

365-6-19 by epicurespicegirl

my Father tickling my was so cute watching them play together!


365-6-18 by epicurespicegirl

Happy 50th Anniversary to my parents-in-law!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

June 16th

365-6-16 by epicurespicegirl

my attempt at making homemade ice cream sandwiches...very yummy!

June 11th

365-6-11 by epicurespicegirl

morning after manicures

June 10th

365-6-10 by epicurespicegirl

my daughter had a sleepover for her 12th birthday and they were so loud and stayed up so late that i told her she won't be having one next year. Secretly i wasn't that mad to be kept up all night with their laughter...I was wishing i was their age again so i could join them :)

June 9th

365-6-9 by epicurespicegirl

making pizza dough...i doubled the recipe which wasn't a good idea, it overflowed out of the machine

June 7th

365-6-7 by epicurespicegirl

This is what my daughter does when she's mad at me.

June 3rd

365-6-3 by epicurespicegirl

I've been taking my daughter along to help out with photo shoots with young kids. The kids love her! In this shoot I was taking pictures of the parents then turned around and saw the kids following her was so adorable!

Monday, July 4, 2011

May 29th

365-5-29 by epicurespicegirl

Goofing off, trying to get a picture of ourselves. When i looked at the back of the camera, we noticed Buddy sneaking into the picture

May 28th

365-5-28 by epicurespicegirl

Having a great girl's weekend! My daughter helped me out at a photo shoot in the morning then we went out for a nice lunch, shopping then had a movie night.

May 27th

365-5-27 by epicurespicegirl

Hooray the boys are gone...time for a girls weekend!

May 21st

365-5-21 by epicurespicegirl

Trying to get a family picture...they would only cooperate for a few seconds so this is the best I could get