Wednesday, February 15, 2012

January 22nd

366-1-22 by epicurespicegirl
366-1-22, a photo by epicurespicegirl on Flickr.

Red Velvet Cheesecake brownies that my daughter made for her friends. They were delicious!

glimpse- January 22nd

glimpseJan22 by epicurespicegirl
glimpseJan22, a photo by epicurespicegirl on Flickr.

my daughter had some friends over and they had a blast hanging out watching movies and playing Just Dance 3 on the wii.

January 20th

366-1-20 by epicurespicegirl
366-1-20, a photo by epicurespicegirl on Flickr.


January 20th

366-1-20b by epicurespicegirl
366-1-20b, a photo by epicurespicegirl on Flickr.

My husband was away so we had breakfast for dinner

January 18th

366-1-18 by epicurespicegirl
366-1-18, a photo by epicurespicegirl on Flickr.

ice is annoying to walk on but it sure looks beautiful on tree branches

January 17th

366-1-17 by epicurespicegirl
366-1-17, a photo by epicurespicegirl on Flickr.

The kids had a snow day today so were home...i caught these two chilling on the couch (the dog isn't supposed to be on there)

january 14th

jan14 by epicurespicegirl

more fun in the snow

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Alphabet - U

Alphabet - U by epicurespicegirl

glimpse - Jan.14

glimpse - week 2 by epicurespicegirl
I bought the husband a gift certificate to make wine for Christmas so we went to the wine place to start the wine today...the kids thought is was really interesting.

I only had my little point and shoot camera with me so they aren't the greatest pictures but i'm glad i was able to document the moment

january 12th

jan12b by epicurespicegirl

fun in the snow

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

another glimpse - week 1

another glimpse - week 1 by epicurespicegirl

reading to Grammy

glimpses project - week 1

glimpse - week 1 by epicurespicegirl

I'm a little slow posting this. I'm going to try and get a candid picture of family life this year...preferably when the family doesn't know I'm taking pictures. :)

I just love this shot. We love playing hearts and recently found out there's a version of the game where you play with two decks of cards called cancellation hearts. The kids were laughing here because they each played a queen of spades which cancels each other out and sticks someone else
with both of them...which is really bad in hearts. They were pretty pleased with themselves

Alphabet Project - R

Monday, February 6, 2012

Alphabet Project

I thought this looked like a U but my daughter says it's an H...what do you think?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Alphabet Project - T

January 3rd

jan.3 - happy hour by epicurespicegirl

our last full day in Arizona. The men went golfing and the rest of us went shopping. We then had a great time hanging out and having a few cocktails before we headed out to dinner at a fantastic Mexican restaurant. I had been craving deep fried ice cream all week and finally got it...delicious!!

Alphabet Project - Another Y

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Alphabet project - Y

 here's my take on the letter "Y"...what do you think?

January 2nd

My daughter and I went to Walmart to get pedicures...only $20!  I wish our walmart had pedicures

January 1st

Hooray, Welcome to a New Year!

I'm going to have a few projects going on this year.  My first one is a weekly themed project which you will see on my business blog.  I've gotten together with some other photographers and we'll each be posting a photo for a new theme each week.

Here was week 1: Newness

We spent our holidays in Arizona this year (quite a change from our usual snowy Christmas) and everyone assumed my daughter was a teenager so she ordered from the adult menu in the restaurants.  She's still 12 but has grown a lot in the past year.  I'm with her all the time so don't notice it as much so it was strange to see her through other people's eyes.  I think this year is going to be interesting as we enter into a new stage of life as parents of a teenager.

The other projects you will see are:
1) An alphabet project : i'm going to be taking pictures of random things that resemble letters of the alphabet.  I hope to find at least one of each letter.  Would love it if anyone would like to play along with me.  It's actually quite challenging.

2)A glimpses project:  I love photos that show glimpses into real life...natural pictures that aren't posed.    They seem to be my favourite photos of my family so i'm going to try and make a real effort and get some pictures that show what our family life really looks like.

and of course i'm going to throw in some picture a days but it won't be every day...just whenever i feel like grabbing the camera and taking pictures.

wow, that sounds like a lot!  It should be an interesting year.

Here are a few from January 1st:

Happy New Year!  Here we are celebrating the new year.  The kids loved it because we celebrated Ottawa time which is a couple hours ahead of Arizona so the kids were still wide awake.

During the day, we went for a nice hike up Superstition Mountain.  My daughter and mother were having a blast walking together and doing a little sychronized sitting routine whenever they saw a bench.  Goofballs!  :) (the themed picture is also from our walk)

my daughter insisted on a swim in the outdoor pool before dinner so she could brag to her friends at home that she was swimming on New Year's day