Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 11th

365-3-11 by epicurespicegirl

We had some friends coming over for dinner and one can't have gluten so i thought i would try making some sponge toffee. So delicious and easy to make!!

March 9th

365-3-9 by epicurespicegirl

most boring picture ever today but it's the only one i took. This meat truck was blocking my way when i was driving today.

March 7th

365-3-7 by epicurespicegirl

notice anything strange about this picture? My son was being lazy and decided that he was going to keep his boots in his snow pants so that he would no longer have to stretch his pants over his boots. I thought it was hilarious until i noticed the dirt slush that was dripping off the boots on the floor

March 6th

355-3-6 by epicurespicegirl
we've been getting some gorgeous sunsets lately! Do you think my neighbours would mind if I knocked down their house so i can get a better view?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 5th

365-3-5 by epicurespicegirl

Performing with their cub troop at the annual Scouts Spagetti Dinner

March 4th

365-3-4 by epicurespicegirl

Skating at school.

This has actually been a great winter for skating and the kids got to use the rink lots at school

March 3rd

finally got Skype set up on my computer and had a nice chat with Mom and Dad

March 2nd

365-3-2 by epicurespicegirl

Happy Birthday Buddy!

I wanted to try recreating one of my favorite Wendy Schultz pictures


It took me about 5 minutes to teach Buddy to sit there with the treat on his nose...he wasn't very amused!:)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

February 28th

365-2-28 by epicurespicegirl
Snow Day

The school buses were cancelled today due to the bad weather so the kids stayed home and had a blast playing in the snow

February 27th

Winter Soccer tournament

Ben had a blast this winter playing soccer.  His coaches were two high school students and the boys had so much fun with them!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

February 26th

365-2-26 by epicurespicegirl
I get together every year with my friends from high school to celebrate Buddy Day. This year is our 20th year (i'm getting old) so we decided to do a road trip to Mont Tremblant, Quebec. We rented an awesome chalet with a gorgeous view of the ski hill.

There was lots of laughter, great food (and drinks) and our favorite game of "who would you rather do" (who would you pick out of the choices in the top right hand corner, Danny Devito or Marilyn Manson? :))

February 22nd

365-2-22 by epicurespicegirl

I met Trish almost 8 years ago when we were taking photography classes together at Algonquin college. She lives in California now but i love it when she's in town and we can wander around and play with our cameras.

We had a blast going out for brunch at Cora's then walking around downtown.  We only managed to get in trouble once on this visit....a security guard made us show him our pictures to make sure we didn't take pictures of people (we didn't know the one building we were in had an Israli embassy, oops!).

February 19th

365-2-19 by epicurespicegirl

Our cruise ended in Fort Lauderdale. We had 9 hours before our flight home so we decided to take an airboat ride through the Florida everglades...very cool. There happened to be someone sky writing, not sure how they can get a plane to do that!

After the ride we say a guy wrestling alligators. In the picture he's actually saying "your breath stinks"...the guy was hiliarious.

Our vacation was awesome and we're already trying to plan which cruise we're going on next...we're addicted! :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

February 18th

365-2-18 by epicurespicegirl
365-2-18 a photo by epicurespicegirl on Flickr.

The next stop on our cruise was Princess Cays, Bahamas. Wish I was back there right now (it's been snowing or raining almost every day since we got back from our trip)!

Friday, March 4, 2011

February 17th

Today was Formal evening on the boat. Here's the husband enjoying his favourite beverage on our balcony

Today was a sea day (i.e. no stops) so we had a fun day on the boat going on a tour of the kitchen and watching ice sculpture carving. We also saw an hypnotist....hilarious!

February 16th

Third stop on the cruise was Cozumel, Mexico. We spent most of the day swimming with dolphins (and getting a little sunburnt) so i didn't actually take many pictures...though I did buy lots of amazing pictures from the photographer at the dolphin place. This is a quick shot I took of my daughter right beside where out boat was docked, she's looking a little red (our 50 SPF suncreen didn't protect for very long)

Here's one from the photographer at the dolphin place:

If you ever get a chance to swim with dolphins, do it....it's the most amazing experience!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

February 15th

our second stop on the cruise was Roatan, Honduras. Beautiful place...everything is so lush and green. Our highlight was seeing the iguanas, cute fellas!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February 14th

Our ship stopped at Grand Cayman island for the day. Here are a few of the sights we saw. The rooster is from Hell...yes, there's a place called Hell on the island and it has a post office so you can mail letters to people from Hell. The kids loved going to the turtle farm and holding the baby turtles. The one pictured here is fully grown and was huge!