Monday, January 30, 2012

December 31st

365-12-31 by epicurespicegirl

New Year's Eve...

we went over to my parents friend's place for a delicious dinner. The girls all had fun relaxing in the living room while the boys hung out in the kitchen (usually it's the other way around)

December 30th

365-12-30 by epicurespicegirl

some scenery on our way back to Arizona

December 29th

We drove to the Temecula Valley to check out a couple of Vineyards.  The scenery was beautiful...I would love to go back when there are grapes on the vines!

On the way back to our hotel, we decided to stop in La Jolla and check out the scenery and sunset.  It was absolutely beautiful!

The highlight for the kids was watching the seals laying, those creatures are lazy!

we ended the afternoon by running around on the beach while we waited for the sun to set

Unfortunately, just as the sun was setting a really creepy fog rolled in.  It was kinda cool but reminded me of the movie "the fog" that i saw as a kid which terrified me...i bet if i watched it now, it would be really cheesy!  :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

December 28th

 We took the kids to Legoland...i'm not sure who had more fun, the kids or the adults!  :)

Paul especially loved this ride where bystanders could spray the people on the ride (I got soaked on the ride).  A man even threatened to send Paul a dry cleaning bill...very funny :)

The sun was setting as we headed back to the hotel so we quickly drove to the beach.  So beautiful...i don't think i could ever get tired of watch the sun sink below the horizon

Monday, January 23, 2012

December 27th

365-12-27 by epicurespicegirl

Road Trip....we decided to drive to San Diego for a few days. Here's one of the many pictures i snapped through to window on the way. I thought this place looked like so much fun (I think this was before we hit the California border so it was still in Arizona some where). It was a huge area of sand dunes and a bunch of RV's were parked and the people were zooming around on dune buggies. I would love to go try it out!

In the evening, we headed to Old Town in San Diego.  They have lots of cute little shops and lots of great Mexican restaurants that have women cooking fresh tortillas outside...smells so good!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

December 25th

365-12-25 by epicurespicegirl
365-12-25, a photo by epicurespicegirl on Flickr.

I love that my daughter has a special bond with all her grandparents...she has really made an effort to get to know them over the years and i hope it continues as she enters the teenage years

December 24th

356-12-24 by epicurespicegirl

Hooray, we're in Arizona. We decided to take a stroll in the evening to check out the Christmas lights...I loved all the ones that you don't see at home

December 23rd

365-12-23 by epicurespicegirl

we spend the day we are walking through the Chigaco airport

December 22nd

365-12-22 by epicurespicegirl

We decided to exchange gifts this evening since we were leaving for Arizona in the morning. My son was so proud of the present he got his sister...he thought it was hilarious (a blanket with arms)

December 20th

365-12-20 by epicurespicegirl
365-12-20, a photo by epicurespicegirl on Flickr.

My daughter had her first band concert today. It was so fun to see her in action and to hear what the songs sound like with the other instruments. Here she is practicing before going on stage

Monday, January 16, 2012

December 19th

365-12-20 by epicurespicegirl

i love to make it hard for my nephews to open their presents. This year we were just giving the 15 year old some money so i decided to paper mache around it! I used a balloon to make the shape then popped it and put the money in with some chocolate coins and a bunch of shredded paper then paper mached over the hole and spray painted it silver (some paint i had laying around). I think it turned out really well. I didn't get to see him open in but supposedly he had a lot of fun and ended up stabbing it with a knife to get into it

December 18th

365-12-18 by epicurespicegirl

I found this great craft idea through Pinterest and thought it would be a fun project to do with my daughter to give to her Grandmother for Christmas. Grammy loved it!

December 16th

365-12-16 by epicurespicegirl

thought i would do a birthday photo shoot for myself. buddy is really nosey whenever i bring out the camera so i made him pose with me

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

December 14th

365-12-14 by epicurespicegirl
Happy Birthday to me!

My daughter (with a bit of help from her brother and lots of help from her father) made me this awesome cake for me!

December 13th

365-12-13 by epicurespicegirl

I had a little visitor today that took me out for a nice Birthday lunch

December 9th

365-12-9 by epicurespicegirl

Off to the husband's work Christmas party

December 7th

365-12-7 by epicurespicegirl

I love when photo orders's like Christmas opening up the box!

December 3rd

365-12-3 by epicurespicegirl

New hairdo. I finally convinced my daughter to get a little bit cut off the bottom and some layers put in.
Another iPhone convenient!

Monday, January 9, 2012

December 2nd

playing with my new's a hand me down phone so it's not new and doesn't have a flash.  The picture turned out fuzzy because there wasn't much light but i still love it anyways.  Isn't it cute how he's resting his head on his paw?!

November 27th

Santa has arrived!  The view from my table at a Christmas Vendor show.  Testing out my i-phone....not bad!

November 26th

we celebrated an early Christmas with my family.  The kids all loved the adorable bears that Gramma made for them